Helpful hints for protecting your Shopping Identity

According to a resent report by Accenture, a management and information technology consulting firm, 65% of US Shoppers browsed online and purchased in-store over the holidays.

Whether shopping online or in-store, here are a few helpful hints to protect your Shopping Identity:

  • Shop online with a credit card. Because it's tied directly to your checking account, using a debit card for online purchases exposes your bank account to thieves in a way that using credit does not.
  • Use only secure sites when making a purchase. Secure sites have a web address that begins with https://. You may also see a closed yellow padlock at the bottom of your screen or next to the URL.
  • Never provide your Social Security number to a vendor. This information is not required for making a purchase—whether online or in person.
  • Be wary of "shoulder surfers" who are watching carefully as you swipe cards, enter PINs and flash your driver's license in the store. Take an extra moment to place your hand over your personal information.
  • Trust your intuition. If you feel a wandering eye watching you or sense a deal is too good to be true, leave the store or site and find your desired product in another location.